Graphic Design

Having good content is good. Presenting that content in an attractive manner is even better! Below are samples of my graphic design works that I have worked on in the past.

This (above) was my way of demonstrating my ability to work with different styles and types of images in Photoshop. From left to right, top to bottom: Render, Grunge, Tech, Floral, Vector, Mix

Below are several miscellanious works

Web Development

When it comes to the web - front-end is just as important as backend. Below are some examples of the web graphics that I have designed in the past for a variety of communities and clients.

Isle of Janthir

Isle of Janthir website is a website developed as a hub for fans of Guild Wars 2 video game. This project features a lot of custom work. Using Joomla CMS as the base, I have developed a custom module that uses GuildWars2API to pull information from the gaming servers and display it on the website. In addition to that, user system has been altered to allow custom access to different portions of the website.
Bricks Radio

Bricks Radio is a website of mine that was used for my web radio station of the same name. This is one of my more unique works for several reasons:
  • This is NOT a CMS like Joomla or wordpress, but a custom designed template with CMS capabilities
  • It uses a combination of X/D/HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, XML, jQuery, PHP and MySQL
  • All images (except for Chatroom, Schedules, Donate) are uniquely designed by me.
Anime Wave

This is my personal project to create a website that would function as a portal for users who enjoy Japanese music.
Website was created using Joomla CMS and RocketTheme template. However, the template and graphics have been customized extensively with every image seen, being customly created for Anime Wave.
Scripts, integrations and functions have also been implemented separately from the CMS.
Overall, the project highlights the ability to manage a project, design logos and UI as well as customize code.
Great Followers

The goal of the project was to design an advertisement banner (Several versions prepared). As an extra, I presented a demo of the webpage layout (Designed in photoshop). I was then hired to as a developer to convert the layout into a functional php-html page.
Zumina Gaming Network

Zumina Gaming Network was a gaming community. This is a prototype website that I have been desining using Joomla CMS.
Zumina Gaming Network 2

Zumina Gaming Network was a gaming community. This was a 2nd version of a website for them. Instead of using Joomla CMS, I have designed my own system, using PHP and MySQL. This project allowed me to practice user access and security portions of the webside development, as well as dynamic content management (AJAX-PHP).