Software Development

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When it comes to Software Development, JAVA and C# are my main choices. I have had the chance to work on projects that utilize those languages to create robust backends, distributed business process frameworks and provide easy access to application functions through a variety of front ends. Unfortunately, most of my experience comes from the field, and the code cannot be shared as it is property of the company/employer who I have worked with. As such, I will do my best to accurately but briefly describe the systems that I have developed and tested.

Provincial Laboratory Information Solution(PLIS) and Interoperable Electronic Health Record (iEHR)

Business Project Summary (Read at your own risk - it's long)

My purpose on the project was testing and verification. Using JAVA and JUnit as well as some proprietary libraries, the goal was to perform testing for business logic as well as performance testing.

Produce Inventory Control Systems (PICS)

PICS project is by far one of the most amazing projects that I have had a chance to work on. I was given an existing system - fully functioning - and my task was to re-write the entire system into a JAVA application. Here are some of the tools and technologies that were used on this project and their purpose:

  • NetBeans IDE - Used for development, as well as framework
  • MS SQL Server - Database backend
  • SpringData - data access and persistence
  • Maven - Build manager
  • JUnit - Integration and Unit Testing
  • Tomcat - Server
  • SonarQube - Code quality control
  • Jenkins - Continuous integration tool
  • GIT - Version Control
The application was being developed in JAVA, in a way that the backend would be accessible from a variety of devices (Phones, tablets, browsers, desktop applications). In addition to that, a public API was being developed to allow third party software to access some of the features of the application.

Personal project: Management & Tracking tool

While this project never reached completion due to time constraints on my part, it had a very good start and gave me a chance of using C# outside of just academic exposure. After acquiring a Razer Deathstalker Ultimate keyboard, I have asked Razer to grant me access to their SDK kit. Using their SDK and API, I have began to develop the software in C# that people could install and use during video games to better manage and track their progress. Below is an early image from the project.

LCD touch screen and buttons, display the application's splash screen.