The resume of the future!

Got your attention? Good! Let me explain where you are and what you will find here!

NEXREM is a website that I have developed as a way to showcase my skills and talents. This website is a combination of things - a portfolio, a project in itself, an extended resume and just a place that people can use to contact me if they require help in my areas of expertise.

A lot of people still ask me - what is the purpose of creating an entire website? That's what resume is for as it is a summary of what you know and can do. I don't despute that; however, as the technologies are ever-evolving, it becomes hard to add things to resume and keeping it neat and relevant at the same time. Things become acronymized and left out. Online resume and portfolio is a perfect way to present your skills and experience in one place and if done correctly, it will be the same resume, just "enhanced".

Some information that I would like to put up on this site is sensitive and it would be very unfortunate if it ended up in the wrong hands. If you require any additional information, I encourage you to contact me via e-mail or a contact form on this site, and I would be happy to return your message or give you a call.